The IAGRG Organization

The aim of IAGRG is to promote interest in the phenomena related to Gravitation and to facilitate research in the related areas.

The Constitution

The organizational structure of the IAGRG is stipulated in the Constitution. Link to constitution is given here.

The Council

Its functioning is governed by The Council, consisting of Office bearers, elected by the IAGRG members.


On behalf of The Council, Ms. Nirupama Bawdekar (reachable at takes care of the administrative matters at the Association headquarters at IUCAA, Pune.

General Body meets

The General Body meets during the IAGRG Meetings, held approximately once in two years. The proceedings of the General Body Meetings are recorded in the Transcripts of the Minutes.

Some of the Resolutions

Here are a few important resolutions regarding membership.

Office bearers of IAGRG

  • Sumati Surya (President)
  • Anjan Ananda Sen (Secretary)
  • Sudipta Sarkar
  • K. G. Arun
  • Atri Deshamukhya
  • S. Shankaranarayanan
  • Rajesh Nayak
  • Ayan Chatterjee

Important Resolutions Related to Membership

S. No.
Date/Iagrg Meeting
Nov 6, 1989 / 15th IAGRG
Annual Membership, Rs 20/-, be open only to students up to M. Sc. level and all others should apply for life membership with a one time fee of Rs. 200/-.
Dec 21, 1997 /  19th  IAGRG
Life  membership raised to Rs. 500/- for Indians and US $ 75/- for foreign nationals.
Dec 8, 2004 / 23rd IAGRG
Life membership raised to Rs 1,000/-.
The members are entitled to a 50% concession for the registration fee for the IAGRG Meetings.