IAGRG Membership


Anyone involved in teaching/research in General Relativity and Cosmology can apply to be a member of the IAGRG.

Types of Memberships:

In the initial stages, there were two types of memberships -- life members and temporary members. Subsequently, by a resolution in the General Body Meeting, all members are considered to be life members.

Membership Fee:

The current membership fee (for Indian applicants) is a one time payment of INR 3000/- (Rupees three thousand only).

Benefits of being a member:

  1. Members are eligible to be elected on the governing council.
  2. Members pay only 50% of the Registration fees at the IAGRG meetings.
  3. Members are entitled to receive all decisions, circulars, announcements etc by e-mail and hard copy if specifically requested.

Procedure to become a member:

The application forms for membership are available as PDF and DOCX files.

Interested applicants are expected to e-mail the completed forms as a PDF file by e-mail to both the following addresses: iagrgcontact@gmail.com ​and​ iagrg.1969@gmail.com.

The application will be considered by the IAGRG council, and the ​membership is subject to the approval of the council.

The fee is to be paid after the membership has been approved by the council. The instructions for payment of the fee are listed in the application form.

Please keep your contact details up-to-date by sending an e-mail to iagrgcontact@gmail.com.

Once a year, an e-mail will be sent to all the members to update their information in the database.