IAGRG - Working Group on Gender

The IAGRG is proud to announce our first Working Group on Gender (WGG-IAGRG) on Women’s Day 2023. The aim of this group is to guide our community towards a more equitable, gender sensitive and inclusive environment.
We welcome our first 2023-24 WGG-IAGRG committee members:
Harvinder Kaur Jassal(Chair)
Archana Pai
Pravabati Chingangbam
Raghu Rangarajan
Parameswaran Ajith
Sumati Surya (Ex officio member )
Anjan Ananda Sen (Ex officio member)


The Hyderabad Charter for Gender Equity in Physics

The Gender in Physics Working Group of the Indian Physics Association (IPA) organized Pressing for Progress, a first-of-its kind national conference towards gender equity in Physics in India, in 2019 at Hyderabad University. This meeting focused on key issues faced at different levels of career and based on various discussions, the ‘Hyderabad Charter for Gender Equity in Physics’ was formalized and was also circulated to the members of different institutions for their endorsements. Link to the Endorsement form